For the freshest spring water in our no rib bottle, & full color, water-resistant label, we do everything we can to bring you the quality you expect and deserve. We enjoy what we do and we strive to bring your vision to reality in both appearance and taste.

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Our Water Source from the Majestic Blue Ridge Mountains

Majestic Blue Ridge Mountains

Our water source for your custom-label bottled water is located in the Majestic Blue Ridge Mountains. The water source has been family owned and maintained for generations ensuring that the lands surrounding it have remained untainted. As a result, our water is pure and refreshing.

Our water is inspected and tested twice daily and also tested by an independent third party weekly to ensure that you receive the highest quality of water available.

We realize that you “cannot get spring water out of a filter.” We start our bottling process with water that is naturally pure and therefore tastes wonderfully natural instead of artificial and processed. Other companies rely on filters, additives, and purifiers to achieve a “spring-like” taste. Insist on to ensure that the custom bottled water label that bears your name is natural spring water!

Spring Water vs. Purified Water

There is a debate on which water is best, Pure Spring water or Purified water (Tap). Here at, we chose to be all-natural and produce the highest quality of water available.

Starting with the purest Mountain Spring water in the United States was our mission. When we chose to begin providing the finest tasting Custom label bottled water on the planet almost a decade ago, we had no other choice than to uproot and move to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. Sure, it would have been easier (and cheaper) to stay in warm sunny Florida and fill bottles from a City water supply, but that just doesn’t work for us or our Customers. Remember this, any bottling Company that will tell you purified “tap” water is better for your body than spring water is saying that simply because they are situated in an area where fresh Spring water is not available and they cannot afford to have it transported so the only alternative is to say how they “purify” the water which comes from the City water supply “tap”. Next time you visit your local grocery store take a look at all the water for sale. What you will see is that purified water will cost less per case because it is cheaper!

Only Spring water contains vital minerals such as calcium and magnesium which play key roles in bone and dental health, as well as assisting in nervous system transmissions and blood clotting. You can look these up if you would like. There are plenty of other minerals that support a healthy body.

Given the choice, we have never heard of someone choosing purified water over Spring water. Are we passionate, you bet! For more information about our smooth bottles and water-resistant labels, click here.

Give us a try and you will be a believer in our Custom label bottled water here at

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